Meet Hark Dulai
Hark Dulai was born on June 12,
1972 in Live Oak, California, a
small farm town just north of
Sacramento.  He grew up a very
hard working peach farmer, or
actually the lazy son of a very
hard working peach farmer.  
Hark has always been a sports
fanatic, he watches all sports
(watches because he was
never good enough to play).  He
is very competitive or a sore
loser depending on how you
look at it.     He has more love
for his favorite sports teams
than any woman he has ever
met, which explains why he is
single.   Yes he is single, so
ladies feel free to email him so
his family will finally get off his
back about settling down.  
Later, after his farming days, he
moved to the Silicon Valley and
turned into a bit of a computer
geek, a bit of a drinker (actually
a lot), and eventually, realized
he was also a bit of a
comedian.   He has been
making his living in the Bay Area
in San Jose for the last 10 years
and has also previously had
experience in IT
Administration.   He is one
comedian who can relate to
everyone.  You don't have to be
from a small farm town or be a
computer nerd to enjoy his
work, or even a terrorist (ask
him to show you his driver's
license if you ever met him).  He
has many stories to tell about
his drinking days , well the ones
that did not end in a black out.  
Don't worry though, he will fill in
the blacked out spots with
things that he has made up!   
Many stories of drinking are
with his best friend Allen (who
is often referred  to as Al to
protect his identity).  Spend 10
minutes with him and you'll feel
like you've known him your
entire life, kind of like your next
door neighbor, spend another
20 minutes with him and you
will wish your next door
neighbor would move.
Hark Dulai